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To save on lawyers, you may be keen on preparing and filing divorce papers yourself but beware of the pitfalls that await. It may be challenging to find all the necessary forms, both mandatory and those specific to your case. Besides, filling them out may be a time-consuming process, as no terminology is simplified. And most importantly, any mistakes in your choice of paperwork or in the way you filled it out may potentially lead to delays in the divorce process and increase the divorce price.


To help you avoid all of these issues, we created our online service, which allows you to quickly get accurately prepared divorce papers and detailed instructions on how to file them with the court. To fill divorce papers in for you and to choose the right forms, we will ask you to answer a few questions, which would take around half an hour. Once you submit your responses, you’ll receive your paperwork and filing guide in just 5 days. Try it! It’s quick and simple.  

File for Divorce in Harris County in Three Easy Steps

The divorce process can follow a variety of scenarios, and it is not surprising that people wonder how to get a divorce in Harris County as quickly and affordably as possible. A do-it-yourself divorce agreed upon by both spouses is the answer. And, with the help of our reliable online service, filing for divorce can become even more convenient. Here are the three steps to take to file for marriage dissolution successfully:

Work on our questionnaire
Step 1.

Answer a few simple questions to see if you qualify for an uncontested divorce.

Download the forms
Step 2.

Complete a comprehensive questionnaire for our system to fill out forms specific to your divorce case.

File the documents with the court
Step 3.

Wait till your printable forms are ready, check and download them. Read our filing guide and proceed with the divorce filing in Harris County.

Prepare all the forms relevant to your case on your own or with the help of a reliable online service. It will be necessary to print, sign, and notarize some of the papers.
When in court, file the paperwork and pay the filing fee, which is approximately $350-365 in Harris County. If your financial situation is difficult, you may ask for a fee waiver, filing a Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs.
Notify the other spouse about the start of the divorce proceeding. Request that a sheriff or a constable delivers the form copies to your spouse for a specific fee.
The respondent should file the Answer to the Original Petition within 20 days after being served or sign the Waiver of Service.

How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Harris County?

An uncontested divorce is available for parties that have reached an agreement regarding fundamental aspects of their marriage dissolution, such as division of joint property, child custody, spousal support, etc. Before filing for an uncontested divorce in Harris County, spouses should also make sure they meet the residency requirements. According to Texas laws, the petitioner should live in the state for at least 6 months and be a resident of Harris County for at least 90 days before the filing. If these conditions are met, the petitioner can start the uncontested divorce process:

These are some of the initial divorce forms spouses have to file:

Bring the Final Divorce Decree to the hearing and file it with the clerk’s office after the judge signs it. From that moment, the divorce is considered officially finalized.
After the mandatory 60-day waiting period, contact the court clerk to schedule the final hearing
Go through the initial disclosure and file the proof of it if requested by the court.

On average, the entire uncontested divorce process in Harris County takes about 3 months. The divorce timeline greatly depends on the court schedule, how fast you deal with the paperwork, and whether you remain in agreement with your spouse.

Where to File Divorce Papers in Harris County?

You can file for divorce in person in Harris County at the following address: 201 Caroline, Houston, TX 77002, Room 110 for civil matters or Room 210 for family matters. If you want to do it online, visit the website: https://www.hcdistrictclerk.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To file for divorce, one must meet the residency requirements, complete divorce forms applicable to their case, and file them with the Harris County Divorce Court (in person or online if this option is available).

Court fees are usually around $350-365. There may also be additional fees for making document copies or serving your spouse.

An uncontested divorce usually lasts for 2.5-3 months, while a contested process can easily take a year or more, depending on the number of disputed issues in the case.

Divorce cases are processed by the Harris County District Court, located at 201 Caroline, Houston, TX 77002.